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Bestätigung der Gesamtkirche REC

Mai 3, 2023

Entlassung aus allen Ämtern und Positionen

Weiter ist die Benutzung der beiden Logos, die dem Copyright der Kirche unterliegen, sowie der Benutzung des Namens: ANGLIKANISCHE KIRCHE in Deutschland (gemeinnützig als Verein eingetragen) widerrechtlich. Auch alle widerrechtlichen Veröffentlichungen, die nicht auf einer offiziellen kirchlichen Seite der AKD / REC sind als nichtig und unwahr zu betrachten.

Englisch und  Deutsch

FCE + AKD mit gleichen englischen Wurzeln

Juni 17, 2020

Englischer Beitrag


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More about content and Author – (former Secretary ot the Archbishop of Canterbury – Dr.John Fenwick


Tue Free Church of England is the oldest ‘continuing’ Anglican Church in the world, pre-dating most of the Provinces of the Anglican Communion. Tue present work traces its origins to the 18th century Evangelical Revival and to 19th century efforts for Christian unity centred on the concept of Evangelical Catholicism, examining previously unexplored links with both George Whitefield and Old Catholicism. Recent developments, including the impact of the GAFCON movement and recognition of FCE Orders by the Church of England, are described and a vision set out. Tuis is essential reading for Anglicans concerned about an orthodox future for their tradition.


Tue Right Revd John Fenwick is the Bishop Primus of the Free Church of England. A Zoology graduate, he was ordained in the Church of England in which his ministry included lecturing in Worship and Church History at Trinity College, Bristol, membership of General Synod, working at Lambeth Palace as an ecumenical secretary (with particular responsibility for Eastern Church affairs), and nine years as Rector of a parish in Lancashire. Following the Church of England’s decision to ordain women priests, he served for five years in the Free Church of England parish at Morecambe before being elected and ordained Bishop of the Northern Diocese in 2006. In 2013 he was elected Primus. Tue author of several books on liturgy and church history, Bishop Fenwick is married with three grown up children.