Musikfest 30.07.-06.08.2016

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This is Ian Cowen.  To finish our adventure in Germany, I helped staff at a music festival at the Knüll. Bestowed upon me was the duty of maintaining those great porcelain thrones, the seat of relief and terror, the toilets.  In reality it was more than that, I was cleanup crew and went about thrice a day checking the grounds, cleaning the washrooms, and generally making the place a healthy environment. I worked alongside Kamal, a usual helper around the grounds during the rest of the year. All in all it was a pleasant experience, and left me with plenty of free time to walk around the mountains, an excursion that could not be undertaken in Texas!


Hello, I’m Sophia Daniels and I was able to be a part of the Summer Music Fest at Knüell Camp. I helped in the Jause by doing dishes and other various chores. Every day I would collect dishes from tables or the shelf near the entrance of the restaurant and bring them to kitchen. I would then rinse the food off of the plates to load them into the dishwasher. After the  wash cycle was over I would put the dishes and silverware into their appropriate places. Throughout the week I managed to only break two cups! Besides dishes I would also clean off tables and sweep the floors. I attempted to sweep the entire restaurant at least three times a day to keep up with all the dirt and grass dragged in by the customers. The weather during the week was rainy so lots of mud was tracked in and was very difficult to keep up with. During my breaks I would play cards with a few of the kids from the Music Fest. When it started getting dark musicians would wonder inside and play their instruments and sing. The atmosphere in the Jause was very enjoyable and people that were a part of the Fest were very pleasant. This was a very good experience for me and I’m very glad to have participated in it. I hope I will be able to help the wonderful staff at the Jause again next year! And thank you to Bishop Meyers and his wife Grace for all their love and hospitality during this trip.


This is Mary Woolsey.  During the Summer Musikfest, there was a lot of “behind the scenes” activity going on.  I had the joy and privilege to serve in the “Jause.”  The Jause (which means snack) is a café on the grounds of the Knuell Camp.  Each day of the festival there was a special-featured meal for those who chose to eat in the Jause.  Grace Meyer planned and shopped for the meals and I got to help prepare them.  There was breakfast each morning that was customary in Germany: ”fresh baked rolls and pastries (from the bakery in town owned by Grace’s son-in-law and daughter), cheese and meat, butter and homemade jam!  Some of the lunches feature schnitzel, potato sausage, and Spätzel with beef and sauce.  Oh, and the cakes!!! (also from the local bakery).  So delicious and beautifully prepared.  They sold out every day!!  So, as I learned to say in Germany “Guten Appetit!!”


This is Deacon Mark.  The last week of the Germany trip was filled with the Summer Music Fest at Knuell Camp.  This was an incredible week.  About 300 campers come to stay in tents and in the permanent housing here.  30 or so of them lead music and dance workshops.  I got to lead one of them, English Country Dance.  I don’t mean to be trite, but it really seemed like the hand of Providence guided this adventure.  First, I was connected with Gabi, a German lady who gathered together other musicians for live music for the dancing.  Then I had to explain the workshop on stage to 300 Germans whom I had never met, and then demo it with Sophia.  This was truly one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life.  Next, I had to hope enough would show up for the workshop (20 – 30 did for the first days; ended with more than 15).  We practiced for 5 days.  Finally, Saturday evening, 16 of us and the musicians performed in a big tent in front of all the crowd.  Terrifying, but exhilarating!