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Hello, this is Sophia Daniels,

and I would like to share a part of my experience in Berlin. I volunteered at a Christian event called:

„I don’t Need Hawaii“ to help spread God’s message to all kinds of people who were involved in many different ways of life.

I was able to help in many ways from putting up tents to supervising a kid’s game. The tents we put up for the event required a lot of hard work from all of the staff. A group consisting of three women and myself put up two of the smaller tents. The tents are made from long metal poles and pieces of plastic which attach them together.

Then, once the poles are assembled, a large tarp goes over them and is secured with big metal nails and buckles to latch onto the poles. The first few attempts to throw the tarps over the metal frames failed, but we kept trying and eventually were successful! To hold these tarps down we took a nail and ran it through some rope attached to the tent. We then took turns holding the nail while one of us hammered it into the ground using a sledge hammer. This was quite a workout for just two of us switching from hammering to stabilizing. I was very impressed with the fellow volunteers considering the sledge hammer was almost half their size!


The whole process of putting these tents up probably took around 7-8 hours, but with such a great group of volunteers, we got it done handily. Although very physically demanding, almost everyone was able to help out with the process. It was a very rewarding experience. I’m very glad to have been given the opportunity to participate and help out with a great event for the Lord!

Hi, I’m Ian.

Berlin is a fantastic city full of culture and history, too much in fact for our team to fully experience it all! That did not stop us however from visiting some of the more iconic spots, such as the Olympia station (though we didn’t go inside we had a brilliant view of the exterior), the Memorial to the Murdered, Brandenburg Gate, as well as a quick stop by the Reichstag; and that was just one day!

Throughout the rest of the week we stopped by other attractions including the Tiergarten, Tempelhofer Feld, various museums and parts of the city where the Wall once stood, and even a boat tour down the Spree to have a look at some of the more notable buildings and such. To wrap it all up we visited Potsdam to tour the Neues Palais as well as the Lustgarten and the other historical sites on the grounds.

On the first day of the Youth Evangelistic Outreach, I (Mary Woolsey) joined a group that was in charge of serving a fresh squeezed cup of orange juice. It was squeezed right on the spot! Each person had been given a card offering the drink on one side and a prayer on the other side. This exchange opened the opportunity to engage the people in conversation and prayer. I was completely out of my comfort zone, but each person I spoke to was friendly and open. The Lord led several interesting people to me. The first two people I met were two young men from Syria. They had been in Germany for seven months. They spoke English quite well and were open to prayer with me and another lady leading our group. Germany has many Syrian refugees living in very difficult conditions. Many are separated from their families. Some are as young as 14 with no parental support. The families of these men were still in Syria living in dangerous conditions. It was a privilege to pray for them. Among others that I met were three young men from New York, two young ladies from Stuttgart, and even a young man from Norway vacationing with his family! He was so blessed by the juice that he left an offering! A significant challenge that I see, not only in Germany, but in all nations is with our youth. They see Anglican worship as boring and mechanical. May the Lord grant us grace to reach our youth, draw them into our community, and share the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Glory to His name!

Hello, I’m Deacon Mark.

We’ve been in Germany almost three weeks and have another week and a half to go.  We’ve seen a lot of fascinating sites and places, and we’ve helped with a youth evangelistic outreach in Berlin.  My part in the outreach included helping to build the large tent, and then doing something especially spiritual – teaching English Country Dance.  You might ask what’s an American doing in Germany teaching English Country Dance, and, well, I wondered that, too.  However, dance, especially one as fun as this, has universal appeal.  It’s easy to learn and draws in those who would not otherwise participate.  The organizers asked me to teach it in two sessions, one the first day of the event, and the second on the last day.  After getting a seed group of people to start the dance lesson, we were able to pull in more people who were reluctant to join, yet had a good time once they started.

After the lessons were over I got to talk to several Germans about various topics.  One was a young lady who was a Christian, but the other was an older lady who was not particularly interested in the church – too much conflict between Christians.  However, I was able to give her the name of a local Anglican church in Berlin so who knows, perhaps God will use this to bring someone into His dance.


Hi also from the Rev. David Ayres and Bp. Meyer

At the end of our common ministry from Juli 19 – 24 we meet at the new mission. It was a great joy to experience Christian fellowship with the REC Presbyter David Ayres in Berlin. Last day we ministered together with the word and sacrament in this new mission. Soon we will open a new bank account for the church in Berlin. If you like to pray and support this new REC / REK ministry in the German Capital Berlin, visit the Webpage.

Your REC Missionary representatives in Germany

Together with

 Bp. +Gerhard and Grace Meyer